Seeing the showroom with all the crazy tights was so exciting”, “It was amazing being able to go behind the scenes and see the different steps of the design/production process”, “An amazing experience! Our tour guides, Emilio Cavallini’s sons, were very informative, kind and generous”.

These are just a couple of reactions from our students of the FAS 102 Fashion Design Survey class, after their visit to the Stilnovo – Emilio Cavallini company in San Miniato. Emilio Cavallini is a designer who creates and designs tights and socks following the trends and the fashion of the moment. He works with the most famous designer labels and brands.

Together with professor Spoto and Emilio Cavallini’s sons as personal guides, the students have been able to understand and follow the entire process between the making of the tights. From the concept to the actual making of the tights by special machines. After the visit each student was given a small bag with a couple of tights as a memory of this lovely experience.  And as they were so excited by the visit, they decided to visit soon the Cavallini shop in Florence as well. “I had a really great time and I will never forget this experience, it was truly incredible!”