Via de’ Tornabuoni – The Luxury Path

Do you remember the last time you went shopping in Florence? How was your experience? For those lucky individuals who have visited any of the boutiques located in Via de’ Tornabuoni, the answer might be “dreamy”. The reason? It’s Florence’s luxury street par excellence! One just needs to walk through the famous street and observe the endless display windows to be transported into a whole different universe.

Located just less than ten minutes away from the Duomo, Via de’ Tornabuoni is home to international and, of course, Italian brands such as Emporio Armani, Gucci, Prada, Pucci, Fendi, Valentino, Hermès, Mont Blanc, and (one of my favorites) Salvatore Ferragamo, just to name a few.

Considering this, is not unusual to find both locals and tourists with the most exquisite taste looking for an exclusive experience. But how did it become so famous?

The street receives its name thanks to the Palazzo Tornabuoni, a building that belonged to a wealthy Florentine family, the Tornabuonis. After the construction of the palazzo, the area’s popularity and exclusiveness increased. This is the main reason why many brands didn’t doubt to open their flagship stores in the same place.


As mentioned in the Fashion Courses at the Lorenzo de’ Medici Institute, Florence holds a special place in the Fashion Industry. The city that gave birth to Renaissance art was also known for many years as Italy’s Fashion Capital. Such an important city needed a location as unique for all the boutiques listed above.

Many years have passed since then, but the feeling of exclusiveness never fades away. The buildings remain in a perfect state, and the street is so quiet that it almost seems like  you are outside the city center. At almost every entrance there’s always someone willing to open the door for you and let you inside a magical world.


To enhance, if possible, the luxury shopping dream, one just needs to look at the amazing display windows. They are the perfect stage for the different proposals of the season. The user’s experience really begins at the store’s facade, creating a preliminary sight of what can be found inside.


Whether you are shopping (lucky you!) a new accessory, or just looking around for the latest trends, Via de’ Tornabuoni always offers you what all the luxury brands aim to: a taste of joy.


AnaFDBPhoto Ana Guerrero attends the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey back in Mexico. She studies Industrial Design, and is now cursing the LdM Visual Communication for Fashion Certificate. She loves design, fashion, and illustration. In her free time she draws, watches movies, and goes out to explore local shops in order to get inspiration. After university, she would love to work doing visual merchandising and product design.