The Fashion Interviews Part I: A Passion for Fashion!

imageInterviewee: María Martha Rodriguez
LdM Fashion Business Certificate



Hi María! To begin with, why don’t you tell us something about yourself?
I’m originally from Mexico, where I study Marketing & Communication, but I decided to come to LdM to study something totally different: Fashion! I’ve always been very intrigued by Fashion and the things related to it, which is why I reckoned that the Fashion Business Certificate offered here would be perfect for me to add as a specialization to my major.


20150429_131421Now we got curious… where does this passion for Fashion come from?
Since I was a little girl I’ve felt attracted to fashion, so going for example to clothing stores with my mom was an incredible experience. I also remember that I liked a lot playing with my grandmother’s wardrobe as she had so many beautiful dresses, shoes, accessories, handbags and even matching gloves!
When I had to choose my major in Mexico I decided not to go for Fashion Design, but instead I wanted to learn something different which would allow me to turn to fashion later on. Studying marketing became a great opportunity for me because the possibilities seem quite endless and fashion marketing in particular is a very interesting part of it.


What was it like for you as a Mexican student to move to Florence, a city far away from home and with such a rich history in Fashion?
To be honest at first I was a little scared, because it’s my first long study abroad experience and I had no idea what to expect… but I was in for a very pleasant surprise! Florence is an amazing city to live in and its perfect size makes it so very easy to go everywhere you want by foot. It’s full of culture and history, there are always new things to see or to do, and literally not a day goes by in without new discoveries!
20150223_121454As for the Fashion side of things, studying in Italy of course feels like an incredible privilege. Italy is one of the most important countries in terms of Fashion History and Innovation, and many of the most prestigious Fashion houses, brands and designers in the world are Italian! And with Florence being filled with their shops makes the city the ideal “classroom”.
Talking about classrooms, at LdM the teaching system is actually very similar to what I’m used to back home. My professors here and the LdM staff are very friendly and they do as much as they can to make us all comfortable so we can enjoy our study abroad experience as much as possible.


20150223_123140So what does studying the Fashion Business Certificate at LdM look like in real life?
I’m really grateful for the opportunity to take this certificate, as my home university doesn’t offer any of the things that I’m learning at LdM. My classes are great and I’m learning a lot of fun and interesting things about designers, their brands, the history of fashion, the structure of the industry, textiles and fabrics, how a collection is done, and so on! Many of my professors are actually professionals in the field of Fashion and it’s incredibly inspiring knowing that they’re passing their extensive knowledge and experience in the industry on to me and my fellow students.