The Fashion Files: Knitwear

One week has gone by, so it’s high time for part two of our sneak peeks into the LdM Department of Fashion! For this week’s entry we have exchanged our dressforms and draping designs from last week’s Fashion Files for cosy knitting practices during our Knitwear course taught by Prof. Silvia Giusti.

This course is designed to familiarize students with the knitwear market in fashion and with the place of knitwear in a modern fashion collection.
This seems to be also one of the main learning objectives of the students participating in this course: “I want to experiment with knitwear, and learn to make my own creations using many different knit stitches”, explains Naomi Miller, who then adds that she actually has a predilection for wedding dresses and lingerie. We agree with Naomi that professional knitting skills definitely will come in handy regarding to her specific aspirations in the fashion world.

As we continue asking the students about their learning objectives, we find out that the majority of them mainly would like to learn the basics of knitwear, to be able to apply that knowledge onto their designs in the (near) future. “To learn about the techniques and methods to create knitwear” and “To knit with both hand and machine on a basic level” are often heard comments on why the students decided to immerse themselves in the wondrous world of knitting.

At the end of the course students will be able to organize and execute knitwear design ideas following a given brief; they will be able to make hand-knitted fabrics and garments, and will have a basic knowledge of the knitwear fashion industry.