The Fashion Files: Fashion Illustration I

We’re already one week into the second part of the semester, which means it’s high time for new Fashion Files! In our previous editions we have explored the domains of draping and knitting, and this week we will dive deeper into the remarkable realm of Fashion Illustration. This course teaches beginning students how to sketch a fashion figure, add garments, and render different materials using media like colored pencils and markers. And it appears to be a very popular course, as we have not one, not two, but three different classes! These classes are taught by professors Susanna Spoto and Julia Steinle.

When we enter the classroom, the students have already taken their places and are highly concentrated on their work. Between moodboards and magazines fortunately they found some time to answer some questions as well. “This is the second time that I am taking the illustration class to help me improve my drawing skills. I really feel that Susanna is a great teacher and I’m happy to learn so many things from her. And of course I am hoping to be an expert by the end of the semester! J”, explains Chen En Sharon Liaw when we ask her about her learning objectives.
When continuing our round, Lexie Arnold gives her opinion on the importance of fashion: “I think fashion speaks for you. We portray an image and personality just by dressing a certain color or style. It’s how people make judgements and it espresses your character.”

During class special attention will be given to coloring and shading, and also various field trips are planned throughout the semester, for example to the Ferragamo Museum and the Gallery of Costume at the Pitti Palace.

“For me fashion is a form of expression, a way to describe your uniqueness and originality. Fashion is part of my everyday life in different aspects, not only in the way I dress but also in everything that surrounds me”, states Lorena Madras.
Also for Alejandra Pons Aguirre fashion appears to be more than just putting on a different outfit every day: “I think that the way we dress says a lot about ourselves, and it also influences the way people see you. I can definitely see myself working for a big designer, or for a fashion retail store. I know it is a rough world, but it is so worth it!”