The Fashion Files: Draping I

Summer is over, classes have started and in our Fashion Design department sewing machines have been switched on again. Also the Fall 2013 semester offers many different courses in Fashion Design and today we visited our students of the Draping I course, taught by Prof. Sophie Springer. We asked the students about their learning objectives, the importance of fashion in their daily lives and their professional expectations.

“I am excited to learn the fundamentals of effective draping”, explains Tess Obermeier, a LdM Fashion Certificate student, “I’ve studied patternmaking and I find it so interesting to look at the design from a different perspective. I am so happy to be learning again from Sophie Springer on this new aspect”.
As for the importance of fashion in their lives, Christina Kidney reveals that fashion is a very big part of her life: “It gives me direction and fuels my inspiration every day.”
Daniela, a major in industrial design, shows us that it’s not just fashion students attending the draping course: “I decided to study a little bit of all design areas to see what I like. I have a few more to experiment with but so far I have really liked the fashion design area.”

The Draping I course starts with shaping muslin on the dressform. Students learn the basic rules of draping and create sample garments like the basic bodice and the basic skirt, along with dart variations, princess lines, sleeves and collars.

That a course in draping can change your perception of fashion clarifies Eve Carrobourg: “Before taking this class, for me fashion only meant looking at magazines, choosing my own clothes, etc. Through this draping class I am discovering other perspectives of fashion; the side of the creative process”.

During the different lessons particular attention is given to the expression of personal style, which is a very important element for those with professional aspirations in the fashion world, like Arianna Levesque: “I definitely have professional expectations in the fashion world. I am striving to work in the fashion industry, as a designer, fashion stylist, or employee of a fashion magazine. The possibilities as a fashion design major in the fashion industry are endless and it is so exciting to see what I’ll be able to achieve”.