The Dazzling Beauty of the LdM Fashion Department

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Even though I am not a fashion student I was able to tour the Lorenzo de’ Medici Fashion Department! I was exclusively invited, as part of the Professional Opportunities project, to see the collections for the “Art is in the Streets” event that LdM annually hosts.

When I entered the studio I could instantly tell that this space was a place where the imagination of fashion students ran wild and the helping hand of a teacher made their visions and sketches come to 5 The studio consists of two rooms: a room with sewing machines to make clothing and a room with a long table for designing and sketching. The rooms are very classic, large, and with open air windows that look out into a garden. As soon as I walked in I saw, just as I expected, the works of students hanging on mannequins.



While at the LdM Fashion Department, I had the pleasure of interviewing to BA Fashion students: Sarah Fitzhugh and Sharon Liaw. I had fun interviewing these girls as they explained their passions. I was surprised when they both told me that they had been studying at LdM for over 3 years already! They are both students of Marist College and plan on graduating and receiving their Marist-LdM degrees this semester.


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Sarah, who is 22, will be graduating with a degree in Fashion Design and Art History. She has been studying at LdM for 4 years and said that she has loved every minute of it. She made me smile when she explained why she majored in Fashion Design: “I always loved clothing growing up. When I discovered for myself how clothing can affect a person’s mood and how they carry themselves, I found a new appreciation for the art. I wanted to be able to have the ability to give that feeling to someone else”. She was working on a pattern for a dress for her collection.

Sharon was very busy when I talked with her; she was fixing the darts in a pair of trousers she was creating. She has been studying Fashion Design at LdM and is also graduating this Spring. Sharon, who is 21, told me that she has always been interested in being creative and in art. She has been sewing since she was a child, but decided that Fashion Design was for her when she got to college.

These two students were working during their class named “Working Group Project”. This class is specifically designed for only a small group of students so that they are able to have more personal time with their teacher. Sharon and Sarah explained that they were able to learn and accomplish more than they expected. They were challenged to design pieces for the specific theme of this year’s Fashion Show: “Dazzling Beauty”. Sarah said that the goal of their pieces were to be “feminine, modern, and classic with the use of pastels, metallics, and florals.” Sharon said that “The use of decorations, embellishments, patterns, and textures were the key to making our collection appealing.”

I left the LdM Fashion Department impressed. It was intriguing to see the process of clothing made right in front of me. And the result? The talent and passion of these young women shone through at last week’s “Art is in The Streets” fashion show!

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