The Chatroom: LdM Draping Class


Written by: Frances Connolly
LdM Fall 2014 Fashion & Study Abroad student



Welcome to an inside look on LdM’s Draping class, where I’m chronicling conversations with students who are cooler than cool! Throughout this semester, the girls have been exploring a variety of approaches and methods in developing and analyzing patterns under the guidance of their teacher Sophie Springer, all leading up to their final project: the Haute Couture fashion show that will be held in December. Each student has been working on several pieces, all to their own liking and styles, which demonstrate just how talented these girls are. Their garments express qualities similar to the students themselves: pieces with a strong sense of personal style, intelligence, and a flare for fun.

I sat down with Natalie, 23, who specializes in menswear tailoring, and Tess, 25, who is in the process of getting her Fashion Design Professional Certificate. We talked about their design styles, inspirations, and experiences here at LdM. Here’s a little insight to what goes on inside the classroom:



Meet Nathalie: Nathalie’s working on two full length dresses, a trouser suit for women, two jackets and a knee length dress. She said she works about five hours a week on the garments, which Nathalie describes as being overwhelming but exciting. When asked where she gets her inspiration from, Nathalie talked about the people in her life that make her feel a certain way. She explained that her designs come from a place of emotion. Her most gratifying moment has been seeing her own designs displayed in the storefront of Amo Romeo in Florence where she interns.



IMG_0982.1And Tess: Tess is a fellow Chicago-in. An LdM veteran, Tess spent a semester here at LdM in Florence during her Junior year in High School. After falling in love with the school as well as the city, Tess has come back for her second year in pursuit of her Fashion Design Professional Certificate. It was interesting to hear her perspective on the different approaches America and Italy take towards fashion. She remarked that Italian fashion is reflective of Italian culture: a little freer, with more room to be creative. Tess also designs for Boutique Nadine in Florence where she makes wallets, and dresses that she sells on consignment. When asked where she gets her inspiration for her designs, she replied nature and the colors play a big role in making her mood boards. This semester, her designs are largely influenced by jellyfish: the way they move, their colors. For Tess, the most gratifying moment is when the garment first comes together and the idea in her head comes alive.


So, that’s a wrap on the Chatroom today! A little preview to what’ll be featured at the show on December 3rd… a production that’ll be as cool as the girls putting it on. I’ll certainly be heading to the Haute Couture show December 3rd to see the girls show off their draping, pattern making, and construction skills. After seeing what they’ve got going on so far, I know it’s gonna be a hit.