Talk the Talk: Fashion Lecture Series at LdM

The amount of career opportunities today in the Fashion Industry is so vast that sometimes we aren’t even sure where to start. Therefore, it is always delightful to learn about how other people created their dream job. But don’t be fooled, because behind all the success stories there is a lot of hard work. This and more we learned during the LdM’s Fashion Lecture Series with two fashion insiders: Monogrid, a digital creative studio, and Alessia Caliendo, a fashion stylist.

Our first insider, Monogrid, is a studio based in Florence that merges technologies with fashion brand communication. And just to give you an idea of how serious this studio is, their list of collaborators includes Fendi, Gucci, and Bvlgari. During their talk, they shared with us one of their most ambitious and luxurious projects to date: the Bvlgari exhibition “SERPENTIForm” in the ArtScience Museum of Singapore.

For the brand, they created a platform that allowed you to personalize your own ‘Serpenti’. When visiting the exhibition, you could see through your smartphone the 3D creation inside the museum. In order to develop this concept, they looked through the brand’s history and translated their core values and attributes to the emerging Asian Luxury Market.


But they seem to enjoy challenges. For Fendi, they did history. Really. For the first time in the fashion industry, a drone was used to live-stream a runway show. At the end, the result was an innovation that achieved to connect the brand with a new generation of clients who use technology as their main resource.

However, technology isn’t the only path. For our second Fashion Lecture, fashion stylist and art director Alessia Caliendo came to Florence exclusively to share with the LdM community her experience. Professor Alessandro Masseti, one of her closest friends and instructor of the Fashion Communication Class, presented the lecture.


Alessia studied Fashion Design and at the age of 22 decided to start her own business. Years later, after obtaining her master’s degree, she began working as a stylist. Small works with independent magazines lead her to the big leagues. With bigger project budgets and freedom, she also had more responsibilities. All her hard work paid off, as now she collaborates with publications like L’Officiele and Vogue, Italian TV Shows and celebrities.

Where does she get her inspiration? She says from traveling, visiting art expositions, architecture, and just observing everything around. Your eye never has to stop; if you look at the right places you can always find inspiration!

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Talks like these can be really inspiring. Thanks to the Fashion Lecture Series we had the opportunity to meet two fashion insiders with an innovative vision for the business. They also reinforced the main knowledge and skills we obtained as Fashion students at LdM. But most importantly, the lectures showed us what it takes to be in the industry. And who knows? In the future, the person giving his or her own Fashion Lecture might be one of us!


AnaFDBPhotoAna Guerrero attends the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey back in Mexico. She studies Industrial Design, and is now cursing the LdM Visual Communication for Fashion Certificate. She loves design, fashion, and illustration. In her free time she draws, watches movies, and goes out to explore local shops in order to get inspiration. After university, she would love to work doing visual merchandising and product design.