Student Perspectives on Fashion #6

Paris Fashion

After jet setting to France for the weekend, we noticed a major trend on the streets of Paris.  Combat boots have become a popular trend among young women.  Women are seen wearing combat boots in the daytime as well as evening.  The boots are made in an array of styles, colors, and fabrics.  Some of the boots lace up while others feature details such as ribbons or specialty laces. We mostly saw young girls wearing black combat boots with leggings, tights, and jeans.  The boots hit the ankle and seem very comfortable for walking.  One could associate combat boots with a hipster style, however these boots do not make up someone’s identity and are mostly for expressing fashion or a sense of show.  We noticed that many women wearing combat boots had diverse styles thus, we felt combat boots are simply a fashion trend that women are partaking in. So what is it that makes this military inspired look so popular?  We asked a few people on the streets for their reasoning behind their purchase. From the feedback we found that most women found the boots easy to pair with anything, comfortable, and give a spunky edge to their style.

We later investigated where we could buy a pair of combat boots in Paris.  Most shoes stores sell a selection of combat boots or ankle boots ranging from 30 euro to 100 euro.  This style of boot is easy to find not only in Paris but also in Italy. Combat boots can be spotted on the streets of Italy on teens, and young women.  After visiting numerous department stores, and boutiques in Italy we found a variety of combats to choose from around similar pricing. The boots are designed in similar styles compared to the combat boots we saw in Paris.  Ari and I concluded that the combat boots are not only a trend currently in Paris but also in other countries in around the world.  We personally really like the look of combat boots in that they are versatile and can be worn casually or dressed up.  We each own combat boots and will most likely invest in another pair while studying abroad in Italy.


by Alex Hoffman &  Arielle Norris

LDM  – Spring 2012
FAS 185 – Anthropology of Fashion and Desirability: Beyond the Catwalk