Salvatore’s Cruise: A Visit to Museo Ferragamo

It is no secret that Salvatore Ferragamo holds an important place in the history of Florence, not just as a famous designer, but as a historic icon.  As part of the Introduction to the Fashion Industry class, we visited the iconic Salvatore Ferragamo Museum. I was really looking forward this visit since the very first day of class at the LdM Institute. Let me tell you why:

The museum is located right under the Ferragamo flagship store on Via dei Tornabuoni. Once we arrived at the museum, our guide welcomed us and started explaining the designer’s story.

Salvatore Ferragamo was born in Bonito, Italy, in 1898. As a child, he was extremely curious and already a visionary. He made his first pair of shoes at the age of nine! After working for some years in Italy, he decided to try his luck in the United States in 1914. Soon after, he became known in Hollywood thanks to his unique designs for celebrities.

Blog2Ferragamo made quite a name for himself with Hollywood’s elite, however he wasn’t satisfied. He wanted to be involved in the traditional process of design, just like an artisan. That’s why he returned to his beloved Italy in 1927 and opened his own store in Florence.

One of the reasons why Ferragamo is so renowned is because he was the first shoe designer to consider ergonomics and human anatomy for his creations. With all his knowledge, he created a shoe that was not only visually attractive but also comfortable. Ferragamo wanted the best possible quality for his creations.

He even created a system of sizes that made his shoes more comfortable and soles that made them stronger. He patented almost 400 new techniques!

Blog3It’s also important to mention how this museum took form. The Ferragamo Museum first opened in 1995, following the wishes of Salvatore’s wife, Wanda, and their sons and daughters.

Blog1This place is part of the heritage of the brand and the exhibition changes every year. This time, the theme was the return of Salvatore to Italy, his travel through the sea and the inspiration he found at his arrival in Florence.

Blog4 (1)This visit we found ourselves surrounded by the typical elements of a ship. The decoration drives you through Ferragamo’s return and shows the importance that this trip had in his life.

As the heritage is a huge aspect of the brand, they take care of every little detail in the exhibition. From the music to the lighting and videos. Some of the videos in the archive were recorded by Salvatore Ferragamo himself! He even recorded footage of the original city center bridges.

Blog5 (2)In a previous class, we had learned from our professor, Ms. Alessandra Ferroni, about Ferragamo’s life. But visiting the museum and seeing the masterpieces he created was just a completely different experience. You can understand the importance of this brand, not only in Italy but in the world. Definitely, a must-see to truly understand the inspiration and history of the Ferragamo brand.


AnaFDBPhotoAna Guerrero attends the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey back in Mexico. She studies Industrial Design, and is now cursing the LdM Visual Communication for Fashion Certificate. She loves design, fashion, and illustration. In her free time she draws, watches movies, and goes out to explore local shops in order to get inspiration. After university, she would love to work doing visual merchandising and product design.