Pursuing my Passion Abroad


Written by: Nicole Geiger
LdM Fall 2014 Fashion & Study Abroad student





My name is Nicole Geiger and I am thrilled to be sitting down in my favorite gelato place in Florence, after returning from my class field trip to the Ferragamo Museum this morning, to write my very first post! I’ve been in Italy for two months now and the time is going by way too fast. But before I begin telling all about my experience so far I want to tell you a tad bit about myself. After graduating high school, I had plans to model in Milan instead of going straight to college. Modeling was my dream, both high fashion and commercial, but after doing so for about four years, I decided that I wanted to attend college and study Business and Communication at High Point University in North Carolina.


As my home institution does not offer any fashion courses at all, I applied to study fashion at the Istituto Lorenzo de’ Medici for a semester. Now that I am here in Florence, I finally feel that I’m on the right path studying what I have a passion for! My regrets of not modeling in Milan after high school are disappearing because I am learning so much about myself and am narrowing in on the work I want to pursue.


Meeting my teachers on the first day, and hearing their experiences in fields such as designing, buying, and merchandising confirmed they’re just the people I was hoping to be taught by. Taking field trips to different museums and engaging in hands-on field trips is what makes me look forward to going to class. For example I spent my past Monday watching people shop in Florentine stores for my Fashion Consumer Behavior class. My professor, Alessandra Ferroni, assigned our class a semester long project where groups of students all choose a different consumer group to observe and analyze. My consumer group is Italian women ages 30-50, and what I have found observing in terms of shopping behavior matches exactly what we have studied about the demographic characteristics surrounding this consumer group!

The next part I will be working on is conducting a media research of my target market by analyzing ads and creating an ad for my actual market. With advertisements on every street in Florence, subscriptions to fashion and marketing websites provided to us by our professors, and magazine stands on every corner I’m sure I’ll have more than enough resources for this assignment. I am anxious to start this part of the project because flipping through magazines and analyzing them is what I also do in my free time.


As you might’ve already understood, I couldn’t be happier to be studying in a city like Florence, with its long and rich tradition in the world of fashion. Sometimes it even feels like I’m living in a fantasy world, and being chosen to write about my experiences here has just been the cherry on top!


                     A presto!

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