Learning from Aspiring Designers

Gina Granauro photoWritten by: Gina Granauro
LdM Fashion and Travel blogger



Studying abroad has helped me realize that I should make a useful skill my hobby. I have always been fascinated with clothing and how it’s made. As a part of my Professional Opportunity with LdM, I decided to visit the LdM Fashion Department to experience a fashion course firsthand. I went to the department during the hours of the Pattern Making 2 class and was introduced to three of the five students there. They taught me that this class helps students develop basic patterns for the structure of pants, jackets, collars, and sleeves. I am nowhere near being that advanced, but I was intrigued.

Matt Martinez explained the clothing making process to me. “The first thing that we do is develop basic patterns for the garment we would like to create. We draw them on paper and then transfer them to a fabric called muslin.” He was drawing a pattern as we spoke together. “We have continuously practiced these variations until we feel comfortable with them.” Lisa Persson commented, “The best way to learn is repetition and practice until your garment comes out exactly how you pictured it.” Tess Obermeier declared that these two classes have been everything she had hoped for: “We started with a solid foundation, thanks to our teacher Sophie Springer, and have progressed tremendously.” The students explained to me that they were very pleased with the outcome of this class. They all came with the intentions of improving their skills, but will be leaving this semester with more than they expected. All of Ms. Springer’s students made clear to me that they had a free range of creativity and this helped them learn the most.

Matt, Lisa, and Tess showed me their pieces and I was very impressed. I love the fact that the clothing pieces are one of a kind. Tess showed me a gold shall that she weaved by hand in the studio, Matt designed a beautiful leather jacket with the collar pattern he learned this semester, and Lisa made a beautiful dress for the Art is in the Streets Fashion Show. I left the LdM Fashion Department inspired and willing to learn. Maybe next semester I will enroll in Essentials of Sewing!