Field Trip to a Faraway Land: LuisaViaRoma

When visiting LuisaViaRoma, one cannot help but be seduced by the digital window display, lights, interior design, music, and (of course) the more than 12,000 luxury fashion objects available in their stock! During LdM’s Fashion Communication Class, we had the opportunity to visit LuisaViaRoma, one of the most famous concept stores worldwide. We learned about their story and one of the keys to the brand’s success: their communication strategy.

This concept store started as a small hat shop in 1930, opened in Firenze by Luisa Panconesi. Years later her son, Andrea Panconesi, took over the company and gave it a whole new direction, using technology in his favor to enhance the customer shopping experience. Innovation led to the opening of the store’s e-commerce in 2000, a very early year for the online shopping market. In fact, LVR was one of the pioneers to introduce this concept creating a revolution not only in the fashion industry but also in the business world.

After seventeen years in operation, the store now showcases more than 600 different brands from all over the world, including Kenzo, Gucci, Céline, Yves Saint Laurent and Alberta Ferretti, just to name a few. Its actual communication strategy focuses on collaborations under the concept of double labeling, creating accessories exclusively for the store. All the pieces are carefully curated to satisfy the most exigent fashion needs. Just so you can be sure, Andrea is always present in the building to achieve this goal.

luisa via roma ana

You can easily explore the store without feeling any pressure as the sales assistants have a very relaxed attitude. They are there to help you kindly if you can identify them first! Following the philosophy of the store, they have complete freedom for choosing their work outfits.

The in-store experience is just enhanced through the website. It represents the main income of the brand, as it ships the merchandise to 180 countries. The best part? You can order those beautiful Givenchy boots and have them in less than 24 hours!

ana luisaviaroma

But the communication strategy is not limited to the in-store experience and the e-commerce. LuisaViaRoma is also famous for its “Firenze4Ever” parties. These events, initially for bloggers, developed a deeper relationship with the public and the media.

LuisaViaRoma has managed it pretty well for sure; not for nothing, they are the 6th most clicked retail webpage in the world.

luisavia roma ana

The amenities mentioned before, not easily found in any retail store, provide the customer a feeling of freedom and freshness inside the store as well as online. LuisaViaRoma has managed it pretty well for sure; not for nothing, they are the 6th most clicked retail webpage in the world.

During this visit, we witnessed how a communication plan is managed for different channels. As seen in the Fashion Communication class, coherence within this is fundamental to create a complete experience. As a fashion student, being able to learn about the work that goes behind a concept store, such as LuisaViaRoma is an incredibly unique opportunity. You only get this kind of fashion guided tours in Firenze!


AnaFDBPhotoAna Guerrero attends the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey back in Mexico. She studies Industrial Design, and is now cursing the LdM Visual Communication for Fashion Certificate. She loves design, fashion, and illustration. In her free time she draws, watches movies, and goes out to explore local shops in order to get inspiration. After university, she would love to work doing visual merchandising and product design.