Fashion Forward

(The four “states of mind” compass that make up the predicted macro trends for spring/summer 2018)

Fashion is an ever-changing culture. One may say it is impossible to predict what the future of fashion has in store, but according to Silvia Llamozas, a fashion forecaster for WGSN, there are four macro trends for the spring and summer for 2018 that she predicts our generation will move toward. On November 21st 2016, at the Ferrè Fashion Studio on Via Faenza, I attended a live WGSN trend forecasting presentation. This presentation introduced upcoming macrotrends for the spring and summer seasons of 2018. Silvia broke her presentation up into four trends, or rather, four states of mind: slow futures, kinship, Psychotropical, and youth tonic.

Slow Futures:

In her first forecasted trend, Silvia focused on consumer’s value of memory. People tend to remember more when they aren’t thinking of anything at all. Recent studies show that boredom and slowness sparks creative thinking, and without it, we become complacent. With this slow timeless aspect, hippie modernism comes into play. This trend combines low maintenance with sustainability. The hypermodern aesthetic is enhanced and recycled products are used to make certain clothing items. For example, Adidas recently came out with a new model of sneakers made from recycled ocean plastic. In the next two years, Silvia predicts a variety of clothing items to start being made by recycled plastic and other products.


The second trend focuses on belongingness in the community: merging cultures, genders, and nations. She touched on a term called new masculinity, where men wear bright colors and flowers and rings. On the opposite nature, women are becoming more empowered and are attracted to motorcycles and sports like surfing. Expanding on the merging of nations aspect of kinship, there will also be a “treasured intricacy” and craft about these styles, with bold decorations, imperfect finishes, and tapestries.

2okok 3okokok

(A man pictured with feminine accessories like the flower headband, and women wearing leather jackets, riding motorcycles, and surfing – a more rugged outlook)


When hearing of this third neuro-stimulation and sensory sharing upcoming trend, I definitely found it as being the most intriguing. Its heightened popularity is estimated for summertime, specifically August 2018. Its focus is on how brands can activate feelings. For example, a pair of shoes were featured with a feather-like bottom resembling grass, to make it seem as though one is running directly on grass. When presenting this Psychotropical trend, Silvia also focused on the “phygital” aspect – a combination of physical + digital design. This features camouflage, strange exotic florals, artificial colors, and abstract 3D shapes/structures that creates contrasting patterns. Yes, it seems hard to visualize, but bear with me, this seemed like the oddest trend yet. Looking at the pictures below will give more inspiration for what are intended to grow in popularity.


(The shoes in the upper right-hand corner contain feathers that make the feeling of running on grass an everyday occurrence)

Youth Tonic:

Last but not least, we have our fourth upcoming trend, focusing on the rebellion and individuality of millennials. This was the part of the presentation where I could personally relate the most. This trend consists of the “gen blend” (gender blend) as well as the “forever young” mindset. For example, “the loverboy” was one collection featured in the presentation that attributes a clubbing and freedom aspect. Being unfinished will also add to the youthfulness of this upcoming trend. The unfinished look has a casual aesthetic, as well as the simple graphic tee included in the trend. Having everyday graphic messages (as they are already a popular trend now) will continue to be a hot commodity.


(Above are pictures representing the millennial age wearing graphic prints and denim)

After hearing of these very interesting, very different upcoming macro trends of spring/summer 2018, it is safe to say that big changes are coming! Styles are starting to get funkier than normal, with abstract floral prints from the Psychotropical trend and clothing made of recycled materials, as exemplified in the slow futures movement. Whether we’ll be wearing basic graphic tees in the near future, or space suits with helmets, fashion forecasters, like Silvia, will always be put to good use in predicting how the future of our fashion industry will evolve.

brittanyBrittany Nyberg attends the University of Illinois back in the US and is majoring in communications and public relations. Studying at LdM has opened so many doors for her in amidst of exploring the world and forming relationships that will last a lifetime. She loves to run, eat lasagna, and thrives when surrounded by good friends and family. Following graduation, she hopes to land her dream job of working as a marketing/public relations specialist. Her main goal: working with people and spreading positive energy.