Experiencing Pitti Uomo

DSCF2320Written by: Lindsay Profenno
LdM Art History & Summer Session student




As the primer platform for men’s fashion, where everything from dress shirts to ceramic bowties are on display for the fashion minded people of the world, Pitti Uomo gives the student of fashion a look into the world that they will soon have careers in. I was able to go to this year’s Pitti Uomo with LdM’s Fashion Illustration class, as part of a field exercise into the world of fashion design and presentation. We walked the short way from the LdM Fashion Department to the Pitti Uomo site, surrounded by the very well dressed attendees of this year’s platform. We quickly picked up our badges from the information desk, and received a colorful and cartoonish map of the Pitti’s layout that we quickly glanced over as we made our way inside.



The goal for the Fashion Illustration class in coming to Pitti Uomo was not only to take inspiration from what we were seeing around us, from the numerous stalls of designer products to the eclectic attendees, but also to try and spot the trends that would be emerging onto the fashion market for men this fall and winter.

For an art history student with a love of fashion it was much harder, I image, to pick out these trend than my fellow students who have been studying fashion since their freshman year of college. My eye was drawn more to the buildings set up and the 2014 theme of “Ping-Pong” as well as how the expo incorporated this theme into making Pitti Uomo. Yet, it turns out that my attention to the theme was what would help me in identifying some new trends in men’s fashion, as I ended up sitting by the art instillation made and dedicated to the Pitti’s theme.


It was here that I can say with some assurance the heart of Pitti Uomo resided, as the men in attendance sat casually, ignoring with no effort all the people taking their picture. To me, this was where the fall and winter trends were made, not in the small booths of different designers. The suit had become a statement piece, and I could see why: all around me were men in daring suits of different colors, from rich azure to rose pink.

It was amazing to be able to attend a fashion event like Pitti Uomo, and have it just down the street—not only from my university but also my apartment—so that I could have a real experience in the fashion industry. I could most certainly understand fully why thousands flocked to Florence for this event. It was a great place to spend the afternoon to pull inspiration from, as its creative atmosphere would get anyone excited about the world of fashion.