Designers’ Files


Written by: Nicole Geiger
LdM Fall 2014 Fashion & Study Abroad student



“Maybe they’re born with it?” The answer is: they ARE indeed. But who are they? Allow me to introduce.


Recently I had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with the young ladies of LdM’s Apparel Construction class taught by Prof. Jessica Hayoz. As soon as I walked into the studio, my eyes were instantly drawn to the mood board hung on the wall. blog1While I walked around, at first the students hardly lifted their heads from their sewing machines and drawings. Hard work was in the air, as the ladies were constructing their designs for this year’s end of the semester Haute Couture Fashion Show.





I first sat down with Hannah Gilmartin from Baltimore Maryland, who took me along for a ride – okay, not really a ride, but a demonstration of manipulating patterns, made from scratch. Hannah had her hands full with 2 looks complete with 4 separate pieces that were going to be exhibited in the fashion show. The sea of numbered pieces on her work table had my mind in a maze, so I had to ask her to explain what was going on. She started by explaining how the class constructed their mood board, and how their trip to the warehouse served to pick out fabrics and materials. She then pieced her patterns together, telling me all about her patternmaking and design sewing technique class where she has learned to sew seam attachments. I watched as she was attaching a collar, where her patience and attention to detail were just as admirable as her creativeness.

Then, as if I wasn’t already questioning what my own talents were after talking to Hannah, I sat down with Lisa Persson. blog4Lisa’s strong sense of personal style and attitude said it all – this chick knows what she’s doing and is good at what she does! Lisa has studied at LdM for a year now, traveling all the way from her home in Sweden. When I asked Lisa how she knew she wanted to be a designer she answered, “I didn’t at first.” She told me she hated to go shopping but was always sketching and drawing. Hmm… sounds like the complete opposite of me, I thought. “Tell me more!” I asked. She told me how her mom was the first to recognize her talent and advised her to consider going to school for fashion. Being that there are no fashion schools where Lisa lives, she looked elsewhere and came to Italy. blog5My eyes grew big as I stared in awe at the sketchbook she handed to me. I had to apologize for taking so long with it, but I couldn’t believe my eyes! I then just sat and watched the girls work on their pieces, measuring, and re-measuring their garments alongside their professor.



There is no doubt in my mind that Lisa and Hannah, as well as the other students in the Apparel Construction class I observed, were born with their talents. The creativeness, professionalism, and hands-on working with teachers and dedication were just remarkable. I really admire every one of the girls I met for pursuing their talents and working as hard as they do at such young ages. I left their class feeling proud that I was a part of the same institute that is excelling these girls to make their dreams come true. Next stop for these girls: breaking into the fashion industry!