Architect and Fashion Majors are Cut From the Same Cloth

The fashion and architectural design departments of LdM decided to join forces by creating a project called Urban Fabrics. The project’s goal was to have architect and fashion majors collaborate together to evolve inspiration from a certain Florentine piazza and create digitally printed scarves. The pattern of each scarf was represented through certain color schemes, shapes, and other striking features that made their piazza unique from the rest.

These students have been working on this project throughout the semester, combining ideas with their partner’s differing outlook. It was interesting to hear what architect students picked out for inspiration versus what fashion students noticed; while some focused on the shape of the buildings and doorframes, others would notice the busyness of the people surrounding it. The scarf-making process began with a stitch of inspiration, followed by a variety of abstract sketches that were sewn together to create their final masterpiece – the digital pattern scarf.

Fabric is a textile; it’s building material that creates silhouettes, angles, proportions, and structure. The majority of these aspects are found in both fashion and architectural designs. Finding similarities in pattern recognition played a crucial role for successful collaboration. If one partner didn’t agree with the geometric pattern their partner portrayed, the entire scarf would be off balance. Urban Fabrics highlighted each individual student’s talents; in one case, the architect focused on the digital printing, while the fashion designer used watercolors to express the color scheme they selected.

Students started their collaboration process through conceptual brainstorming. They then transformed their concepts into simple hand-drawn sketches, and lastly, they digitally printed their final sketches to create their clean, finished model. Each group created a women’s scarf, men’s scarf, and pocket-handkerchief, so that they had room to play with different color schemes and shapes to match the masculinity/femininity of the fashion piece.

Watching the fashion director beam and applaud each group of students was truly awesome to witness; so much hard work really did pay off for them. What struck me as the most interesting aspect of this project was seeing the students’ first original sketches after sitting in their piazza and the way they brainstormed concepts. Transforming words into abstract designs seems like a somewhat difficult task. Students put in so much time and effort to go above and beyond their professor’s expectations, and in a design project like this, every little stitch counts!

Here’s the report by our Web TV, LdM News:


And here you can find some pictures of the students’ works:

urban_fabrics_1 urban_fabrics_2

The students who chose Santa Maria Novella as their piazza blended in the colorful flowers with historic pictures of this area, creating a final abstract structured design.

urban_fabrics_5    urban_fabrics_3

The above patterns refer to Piazza della Santissima Annunziata. Students went about this project by brainstorming key words and aspects that represented this space, then started basic patterned sketches that they finally transformed into digitally printed pocket squares.


urban_fabrics_6     urban_fabrics_7

Original sketch transformed into a digital design representing the traffic of cars and people in the Piazza Beccaria.


urban_fabrics_8         urban_fabrics_9People sitting on Piazza Pitti.


urban_fabrics_10          urban_fabrics_11

The colors and shape of Piazza Santo Spirito on fabric.


urban_fabrics_12 urban_fabrics_13

The blue sky over Piazza Santa Croce.


urban_fabrics_14  urban_fabrics_15

The charming colors of Piazza della Repubblica.



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