A Modern Fairytale: Fabric Shopping

Kelly Allen photoWritten by: Kelly Allen
LdM Fall 2013 Fashion Merchandising major



As the end of the semester quickly approaches, students in the fashion department are preparing for their biggest event of the semester. Tasked with projects ranging from creating new garments, modifying existing ones, to even making their own fabrics, the students’ hard work will culminate in the Modern Fairytale Photo Shoot, taking place on December 7th. Several fashion classes will participate in the event, including Draping, Fashion Illustration, and Knitwear, displaying their final creations against a backdrop created by the Visual Merchandising class.

This week students traveled to Prato to shop for fabric at Gori, a wholesale fabric trade company. Walking through Gori is overwhelming: I was thankful I wasn’t the one shopping for fabric – I wouldn’t know how to choose! The fashion students, however, loved perusing through the endless rows of fabrics. Sharon Liaw, a senior in the fashion program, commented on the quality of the fabrics found here, saying that had she gone shopping in the city center she most likely would have paid more for a lower quality product. During the visit, each student took her time carefully selecting the right print and texture to make her design come to life – there is no fabric swatching here, so the students had to be confident with their selections! In the end, everyone walked away with the combination of fabrics that will suit their projects perfectly.

The students I accompanied to Gori were part of the Design Sewing Techniques class at LdM. For the photo shoot, they will be creating garments showcasing the evolution of fashion throughout the last 40 years, a revolutionary period in fashion history. Beginning with the 70s and ending with the 21st century, the students were divided into groups and assigned a decade for which to design. Then, they were presented with mood boards in order to find inspiration in the fashion trends of those years. With these themes in mind, the students will create a shirt, a skirt, or a full outfit to present at the photo shoot. Want to get updates on how their projects are going? Be sure to check back over the next few weeks as I follow up with students in a variety of the participating fashion classes!