A Modern Fairytale: Checking in with the Students

Kelly Allen photoWritten by: Kelly Allen
LdM Fall 2013 Fashion Merchandising major



The fashion projects are officially underway! I had the chance to meet with three of the design students to learn more about their projects – take a look at what they’re doing!


Sharon Liaw is a senior in the fashion program. When I met with her she was working on her projects for Fashion Illustration and Knitwear. For illustration, her task is to modify garments that she purchased at a vintage store, or as she describes it, “to make them look cool.” She will be transforming the top and skirt she chose into a typical outfit from the 80s, the decade she’s been assigned.
Sharon was also working on making swatches for her Knitwear project (each student eventually has to make their own fabric). The purpose of making swatches is to calculate the number of needles and passages it is necessary to make on the machine in order to achieve the exact texture and characteristics for the desired fabric. Sharon explained that she was currently attempting a double-knit jersey with gold thread – unfortunately she discovered the gold thread was too delicate to be incorporated into her fabric, so she will be looking into other options.


Some fashion students have been taking classes at LdM for several years. This is the case for Tess Obermeier, a student who has already received a BA in Fashion Business and has returned to LdM in order to round out her education with a certificate in fashion design. She will be creating a full outfit to satisfy the requirements of several fashion classes at once. Her assigned decade is the 2000s, which she asserts, “Is definitely the hardest to do…it’s just out of date, so recent.” It looked to me, however, like she was off to a great start! She described the look she was going for as “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” Her garments – an off the shoulder sequined sweatshirt and a denim skirt with ruffled pink tulle – are certain to capture this style!


Eve Carrobourg is taking both Draping and Sewing Design Techniques. She is approaching her project in a manner similar to the path Tess is taking, by using one garment to fulfill the prerequisites for both classes. Eve is also designing for the 2000s, making a simple skirt with a diagonal pocket across the front. To make this more challenging and to meet the requirements of her draping class, she is making the pattern for the skirt herself. The skirt she purchased at the vintage shop will act as her inspiration for the project, but as she creates her pattern she plans to update its form and redesign some of its details in order to position it within the right decade.

After only a few days, these students were already well on their way to creating their final garments! I will keep in touch with them as they continue their work, finding solutions to whatever challenges arise and adapting their garments as they see fit. Check back soon to see the progress they’ve made!