Local Exposure – Leather School

leather school making a coaster

Visiting local sites and museums are a unique aspect of LdM’s curriculum. For fashion students, field trips include visiting internationally renowned places such as the Bianca Salo in Palazzo Pitti, the Gucci Museum, the Salvatore Faragamo Museum, and the Leather School ‘Scuola del Cuoio’. The leather school not only highlights the history of the famous…

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Florence Trendforecasting

Cassandra Kornhiser Street Style

The LdM Fashion Department offers a rare, yet essential course called trend forecasting for fashion and design students. The course explores the complexity behind the trend forecaster profession while it also analyzes the multiple variables that are examined and heavily weighed when determining future trends. Professor Livia Quaresmini believes that to just lecture her students…

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Silk-Screened Masterpieces


(The top floor of the atelier, where designers come to print and showcase their lovely works of art) La Serra MK Textile Atelier is where Mimi Furaha and other artists come to transform plain boring surfaces into intricate works of craftsmanship. This greenhouse was transformed into a studio just six years ago in hopes of…

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Fashion Forward


(The four “states of mind” compass that make up the predicted macro trends for spring/summer 2018) Fashion is an ever-changing culture. One may say it is impossible to predict what the future of fashion has in store, but according to Silvia Llamozas, a fashion forecaster for WGSN, there are four macro trends for the spring…

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Say “Hello, Wonderful!” to Authentic, Handmade, Italian Fashion


Across the Arno River from the bustling, touristy portion of Florence sits the authentic, historical part of the city, housing Livia Quaresmini’s boutique “Hello, Wonderful!” After studying fashion in college, working as a designer and as a buyer, and teaching Fashion Trend Forecasting and Visual Merchandising at the Lorenzo de’ Medici Institute, Livia wanted to…

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Travelling the world with Fabric Styling

“I love your dress, is it shibori?” said a student, running into her classmate at the LdM cafeteria. It was ikat, but they bonded anyway. Knowledge of these traditional dyeing techniques has become so essential nowadays that you simply cannot have a fashion-forward conversation without someone mentioning “tribes” at least once… Nothing escapes cultural appropriation,…

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Made in Italy: la famiglia

From class trips to the Gucci Museum, through leather workshops with Florentine artisans, to simply observing the Italian street style, Fashion students at LdM have ample opportunities to better understand this deceptively simple phrase: “Made in Italy”. It means attention to detail, it means craftsmanship, it means la bella figura. It also means the power…

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